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Many reference documents are time-consuming to find on the web, you have to know what you are looking for. To try and help in this area, below you will find documents that have been helpful to us:

Document: Author: Size:
The Diagnosis and Management of DMD Kate Bushby et al. 534 KB 
West Midlands Neuro-muscular Strategy (Prepared by the NHS for the NHS to improve services in the W. Mids.)   WM SCG  
5,578 KB 
Code of Fundraising Practice Institute of Fundraising 
Verbal & Memory Skills in Males with DMD Veronica Hinton et al. 76 KB 
Variation of Manifestation in Childhood Michèle M M Mazzocco et al. 5,973 KB 
Delayed Developmental Language Milestones in Children with DMD Veronica Hinton et al. 99 KB 
Social Behavioural Problems in Boys with DMD Veronica Hinton et al. 209 KB 
A Good Practice Guide - Delivering Housing Adaptations for Disabled People (June 2006 Edition) Dept of Health 326 KB.
Investigation of poor academic achievement in children with DMD Veronica Hinton et al. 103 KB 
Selective Deficits in verbal working memory with a known genetic etiology. The neuropsychological profile of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Veronica Hinton et al. 316 KB 

Most of these documents are in pdf format. If you need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click 'Get Adobe Reader' (below)

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