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Neuro-Muscular Centre (Midlands)

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Accross the Midlands there is estimated to be 11,500 people affected by some form of muscular dystrophy. Following transition there is a black hole in services available for follow-on care and support. This black hole is called Adult Services

The objective of the NMC Midlands is to try to fill some of this hole by :

  • Providing ongoing specialist physical therapies such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, therapeutic massage for people living with neuromuscular conditions, in partnership with Primary Care Trusts and the regional Specialised Commissioning Group.
  • Working to build relationships with Hereward to enable training courses to be provided for the user group of the centre.
  • Development of a social enterprise scheme to provide employment and additional funding for the Centre.
  • Encouraging patient and user leadership and involvement in the running of the Neuromuscular Centre.
  • Being able to offer a hydrotherapy facility onsite in the future.
  • Access to an free advocacy service
  • Access to free information about many things to do with neuro-muscular conditions.

To register:
• You will need a letter from your consultant confirming
your diagnosis
• Y
ou will also need a referral from any one of the following:
GP, Consultant, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Specialist Nurse, etc

Based on the campus of

Tile Hill

08456 005 551

The Neuromuscular Centre in Winsford, Cheshire is now celebrating over 20 years serving people with neuromuscular conditions showing that such an establishment is here to stay.

The hope is that the Centre will be located in Coventry which will mean that NMC Midlands will provide a centre of excellence serving a vast proportion of the 6,500 neuromuscular patient group who live in the Midlands region.

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