Downloadable forms and paperwork to help you help us!

Sponsorship Form
A form that will allow you to collect sponsorship (and Giftaid) donations when you are involved in an event (eg; sponsored bike ride, marathon, triathlon, or walk).

Giftaid Form
Giftaid forms a substantial part of our income. It allows us to claim back tax on donations made to us and is therefore very important.

This form is used for one off donations and not for donations made on a sponsorship form.
We can only claim giftaid on a donation if the donor is a UK tax payer and the donation is less than the tax that they pay.

Murray's Muscles Information Leaflet
If you can, print this off back to back (but do not worry if you can't)

This is a trifold leaflet giving a taste of what we do and why - Useful for putting in with letters you want to send to people who may be interested in making a donation or helping our cause in sone other way.

Blank Poster
An A4 sized poster to help you advertise your event.
Simply print it off, fill in your details and put it up.

You could also use this poster to put in sports and leisure centres asking if there is anyone looking for a local charity to raise funds for when running a 1/2 or full marathon for example.

Coming Soon !
Fundraising Ideas.
There are literally hundreds of novel ways in which you can fundraise for us - it is up to you, but here is some information which will get you thinking.....

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