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Living with any disability is hard work, physically draining and hard on the household finances. Disability with rare diseases is even harder due to their complex nature. On average, bringing up a disabled child costs 50% more than raising an able bodied child.

You have to fight for everything; services, equipment, house adaptations and appropriate specialist help. As ever in these situations, it is left in the hands of the charities and volunteers to act.

This is where Murray's Muscles can help with your help.

Specialist equipment is necessary to retain quality of life for people affected by muscle disease. Most of this equipment is expensive to the average family and, as yet, is not available on the NHS. As we grow as a charity, we are able to provide funding for more of this sort of equipment which is so desperately needed.

The items listed below are by no means exhaustive, but you can see how much a family will need to spend on essential equipment.

“You can help us – Any donation, no matter how big or small will make a big difference to someone’s life”.

Cough Assist Machines

Some people with muscle disease do not have the strength to cough. This machine assists in that process.
The use of a piece of equipment like the Cough Assist machine can prevent muscle disease patients from needing emergency respiratory care in hospitals and thus prevent many thousands of pounds being wasted by the NHS.
Murray’s Muscles has raised enough money for one machine, but we would like to do more and we now ask for your help and support to achieve this.

Figures released in the NHS Neuro-muscular Strategy Report (2010) showed that up to a quarter of the £6.6 Million spent by the West Midlands NHS on unplanned emergency hospital admissions during 2009 for muscle disease patients alone could have been saved by early intervention.

The Cost of this equipment - £5,200 approx.
Powered Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are legs for these patients. Some are specially adapted for different types of sports. Sit-to-Stand powerchairs allow users to stand in a supported manner. The benefits are:
• Improved posture
• Reduced sitting sores.
• Reduction of leg contractures
• Improved blood circulation
• Improved digestion
• Improved bowel movement
• Improved sense of well being
• Improved independence
• No need to transfer to other pieces of bulky equipment.

The Cost of this equipment - £4,500 upto £18,000 approx
Portable Hoists

Portable hoists are an essential piece of equipment allowing carer’s to move patients around without putting their backs at risk. Patients benefit from additional comfort and a better feeling of security. Portable hoists play an important role in patient care.
Both manual and powered versions are available.

The Cost of this equipment - upto £2,100 approx.
Neater Arm Supports (NAS)

The Neater Arm Supports offer a 'helping arm' to some people with muscular weaknesses such as muscular dystrophy.
The device, which can be attached to the back of most wheelchairs, supports the weight of the user's arm in a sling, significantly extending independence, aiding normal activity; eating, drinking, personal care, office work, etc.

The Cost of this equipment - £3,600 approx.


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