Why a “Local Charity”?
We believe that it is important for donors to charities to see the benefits and results of their donations making an impact on the lives of people around them. No one can deny the good feeling you get inside when you see the wheelchair you helped to fund giving a child their independence at the local supermarket.

“Seeing the results of your donation is a strong incentive”

There are many references to Muscular Dystrophy across the internet and some are not up-to-date. We hope that this will be one of the first sites that you visit
along with that of Muscular Dystrophy UK in your quest for
UP-TO-DATE information.

The life expectancy of a boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy can now be into their mid 30's or even 40's due to the advancement of modern management techniques. It must, however, be considered that each person is different and Muscular Dystrophy is a complex disease affecting people in different ways, so the above longevity is best scenario.

Although there is currently NO cure or treatment for this set of diseases, there ARE some very good management techniques in place and there ARE some very clever people carrying out ground-breaking research
which WILL result in a treatment and/or cure. The future IS optimistic.

Some of the big names in the pharmaceutical industry are already working on drugs that will offer a pathway to treatment.

With the efforts of every person that donates as little as 1 pence to us the hope and chance of bringing about change and developing a cure or treatment becomes closer sooner.
Together, we are stronger

Field Family Photo Since Murray's diagnosis in 2005 we have become very involved with Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK). Quite simply, getting involved was our way of damping down the shock and grief of the diagnosis. Our involvement has empowered us to prepare..... and hopefully make a difference

Nationally, Jane and Mark Field represent MDUK as:

    We are representatives for the MDUK, giving talks, presentations, fundraising, campaigning and media work.
    Co-Chairs to the West Midlands Muscle Group.
    We campaign for improved services from the NHS
    Mark sits on the Lay Research Panel.
    Helping to make research papers more accessible
    We are both trustees for NMC Midlands (NeuroMuscular Centre Midlands) Charity No. 1148855
    and Jane sits on the Joseph Patrick Trust Committee . . . Charity No. 294475
    (The Welfare Fund of the MDC)

    We are an active charity supported by some wonderful people and businesses.
    Together, we can make a difference.

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    Committee Members:
    Mark & Jane Field, Tim & Tracey Macrow, Linda & Steve Gwilliam, Peter Robinson

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